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Perfection is achieved,
not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.


Objective Metrics, Positive Reinforcement, Outstanding Results

For the past three years, Roy Cho has served as a public speaking coach for hundreds of professionals, corporations, and students across the United States. His clients include top producers and managers at Cisco, Apple, Genentech, Microsoft, Yelp, Msg AI, and Autodesk, in addition to corporate workshops at Silvaco, Gusto, and Genentech. These clients have successfully engaged audiences at TED Talks, FDA meetings, and industry conferences.

As an instructor, Roy coaches clients how to integrate content, verbal delivery, and body language into a cohesive message. This holistic approach, coupled with an objective approach to improving public speaking basics, has helped clients reach their communication goals.




Areas of Coaching


Presenting to a crowd can be daunting, leading to the use of fillers, distracting mannerisms, and blanking out. Our approach to presentations will not only help to directly address these common issues, but also effectively engage your audience with a cohesive, engaging message.

seed funding pitches

Startup co-founders often excel at creating and developing their products but fall short communicating their need for funding or an exit strategy. Our approach to pitches will help you clearly communicate to investors these important points in your meeting.

Business communication

Effective communication with your peers and managers can be the difference between snagging your next role or being stuck where you're at. Our approach to interpersonal communication will help become more direct and confident speaking to coworkers and managers.

non-native english speakers

Non-native English speakers typically believe miscommunication is accent-related. However, other variables may also hinder effective communication. Our approach to coaching non-native speakers aims to identifies true issues to miscommunication.

Interview training

Confidence and clarity in messaging your unique skills are paramount in the interview process. Our approach to both job and school interviews focus on confidently sharing your story and creating a cohesive candidate profile, leaving an indelible mark on your interviewer.


Despite the perception of being an un-learnable skill, there is a science to answering questions well. How so? Organization and simplicity. Our approach to Q&A will help you formulate answers on-the-fly that maximize clarity and understanding.


There are only two types of speakers in the world: Those who get nervous and liars.
— Mark Twain


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